Fragrance for your home

It's important our fragrancing products are used in the right way.

The videos underneath give a short explanation of how to use our ScentChips and ScentOils.

How to use ScentChips 


Our waxmelts are quite easy to use. You certainly do not have to follow any complicated instructions for use:
Choose at least three ScentChips, the range of which enables you to vary to your heart’s content. Place the ScentChips in the top of a Scentchips® ScentBurner wax burner. Place the ScentBurner on a flat surface. Light the tea light in the base of the ScentBurner.
Ready? Now, enjoy the heavenly fragrance that the ScentChips spead when they melt!


How to use ScentOils

Our ScentOils can be used in one of our ScentLamps. The ScentOils have an unique 'Lift to Sniff-system' which enable every customer to experience the fragrance before choosing one.
Fill your ScentLamp for 2/3 and place the catalytic wick on top of the ScentLamp and let the wick soak up the oil for at least 30 minutes with the snuffer cap on top. 
Remove the snuffer cap and light the catalytic stone at the end of the wick. 
After two to three minutes blow it out, put the decorative (open) cap on top and enjoy the wonderfull fragrance!
To turn it off simply put on the snuffer cap.